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On April 12, 1998, TBC Radio 88.5FM, “The Breath of Change” was launched as a Christian Community Radio Station. Its target audience was the more mature cohort, with special attention being paid to the praise and worship needs of the home-bound.

April 12 was Easter Sunday, when the world commemorated the greatest action for change in the history of humankind. All this was undertaken, and will long be remembered by Tarrant Baptist Church.

You may be asking why?

Well, on that day, so many members of that church family, other church families and many other visiting friends, assembled in that very church building to celebrate the launch of their own radio station, TBC Radio 88.5FM – The Breath of Change.


That was a very bold step on our path.

  RevNeville Rev Neville Callam

Thanks be to God for the then pastor, the Rev. Neville Callam, who hada vision which gave birth to this wonderful idea; and so his zeal and enthusiasm found response in the membership of this church.

And together we worked assiduously toward this goal.

We cannot forget the pioneering spirit of Mr. Tomlin Ellis who, with his vast experience in radio operations, gave invaluable support to TBC Radio at the start and infancy of this beloved radio station.

As we give thanks to Almighty God for him, we believe that it is most fitting to say a big thank you to him, even at this time for his invaluable input.

Also, how can we forget to thank Mr Gary Callam, son of the former pastor and a former member of Tarrant Baptist Church, who was the General Manager of this lovely radio station for a number of years.

We really thank him for his zealous input during those years that he worked at TBC Radio – The Breath of Change.

Interestingly, this radio station operated initially as a Community Radio Station, with a deep desire to minister mainly to the elderly and home-bound.

  Pastor Shuttleworth Rev Shuttleworth

How we give thanks to God our heavenly father, also that under the leadership of our present pastor, Rev. Jeffery Shuttleworth, TBC Radio has expanded tremendously and is now ministering to a far wider audience, both in Jamaica and all over the world.

This universal reach is made possible through the World Wide Web.

Worthy of note also is that this radio station provides information to its listenership on topical issues that affect Christendom.

Some of the programmes that address personal and spiritual topics affecting listeners include “Divine Connection”, aired Tuesdays at 10:00 pm; “Morning Joy – Special Edition” aired Fridays at 6:00 am; “Focus On The Family” aired weekdays at 10:00 am. “Unshackled” aired Sundays at 3:00 pm. “Living on the Edge” aired weekdays at 9:30 pm. “Search The Scriptures” aired weekdays at 8:35 am.

Members worshiping

Tarrant Baptist Church

Significantly, in this year 2018, when the Tarrant Baptist Church celebrates its 125th anniversary, TBC Radio 88.5 and 88.9 FM – The Breath of Change, will celebrate its 20th year of Christian witness during the month of April.

We certainly thank Jehovah God, the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob, for blessing this radio station. We say thanks for the tremendous support it is now receiving from other Christian groups or organizations both in Jamaica and other parts of the world.

The aim, goal and desire of this radio station is to spread the gospel of salvation of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth to the people of the nation Jamaica and every nation of the earth.

Thanks to the present hard working manager and staff members whose output continues to make this radio station “The Breath of Change

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