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Discover Jamaica Travel is the brightest gem in the Caribbean tourist industry’s crown.  

Here is where you can experience the kiss of a balmy breeze and warm sunshine against your skin and later witness beautiful sunsets caressing shimmering waters.  

Discover Jamaica travel is known for a diversity that heralds our motto “Out Of Many, One People.” Perhaps our heritage is one of the reasons we are a chosen destination for repeat visitors each year.  

A visit would not be the same without the pulsating rhythms of reggae music or the sumptuous taste of our food.  

Our Jamaican hospitality begins the moment you decide to visit and continues long after you have waved goodbye to our shores.  

Wherever you go, you will take pleasant memories of your adventures, because you will realize we are an unforgettable people as you “discover Jamaica travel”.

I invite you to take a closer look at our unique vibes, top resort towns and hot spots for visitors from across the globe and locals alike.  

Discover Jamaica Travel – The Top Three Resort Towns in Jamaica   When you arrive in Jamaica, you will probably head for the beach as soon as possible. There, the beauty of the coastline lapped by the crystal clear azure Caribbean Sea can make you slip into a laid back mood that is hard to shake.  

But Jamaica is an island of variety and there is much to see and do.   Most visitors to Jamaica, hoping for an enjoyable vacation will be looking for a wonderful resort town. Jamaica’s top three resort towns are Negril, Montego Bay and Ocho Rios.  

Negril is famous for its party atmosphere and younger hedonistic crowds that flock to its seven mile beach, a sliver of white sand that snakes along the West coast of the island.   But the resort town has grown and now stretches further South after the beach ends where the rocky cliffs, rising as high as forty feet, have also become very popular.  

Discover Jamaica travel along this whole strip, you will find a wide variety of accommodation, with countless hotels, villas, cottages and apartments, interspersed among bars, restaurants, shops, attractions, and other businesses catering to the roaring tourist trade.  

Along the sandy beach, the sea is usually calm, so a variety of water sports establishments will encourage you to try sailing, snorkeling, parasailing, scuba diving, windsurfing, and more.  

Where the sea meets the cliffs, it is usually rougher and water sports are best enjoyed earlier in the day.   Many visitors, staying in other areas, make day trips to Negril to experience this wilder side of Jamaica’s tourism offerings. Their day out usually culminates in a visit to Rick’s Cafe where they wait for the sun to set.  

Until that red ball sinks into the Caribbean Sea, many will sip their favourite island cocktails while joining in or just watching brave souls leap from the cliffs into the water.  

images0Montego Bay:
In 2010, Montego Bay was crowned the Leading Beach Destination in the World at the World Travel Awards, the “Oscars” of the travel business.  

It’s a cruise ship port, bringing many tourists to sample the island’s rich culture and exotic beauty in a day stop.   Discover Jamaica travel Negril, there is a variety of accommodation and plenty to do, as well as many gorgeous beaches to bask in the sunshine, if that is all you want to do.  

Very popular activities include rafting down winding rivers on long bamboo rafts, touring the marine park in an undersea boat, partying at Margaritaville and other bars, shopping and sightseeing.

images0Ocho Rios:
The most famous attraction in Jamaica without any doubt is Dunn’s River Falls, a clean river that naturally cascades six hundred feet down to the sea, just a few miles from the lively resort town of Ocho Rios.   James Bond made a big splash on the beach at Dunn’s River Falls when he surprised the gorgeous Ursulla Andress as she emerged from the water in nothing but her white bikini and diver’s knife.

Climbing up the cascading waterfall is a must-do activity.  

Ocho Rios is also a busy cruise ship port with docking facilities for up to three vessels to anchor right at the beautiful crescent-shaped bay. And there is plenty for visitors to see and do.   For example, fans of the reggae superstar,

Bob Marley, may take a trip to Nine Mile to see his birth place and pay their respects to a legend, who was undoubtedly one of the World’s most famous protest musicians.   Others may head off to see Fern Gully, or Shaw Park Gardens, or Goldeneye where Ian Flemming penned his famous James Bond novels.

Noel Coward’s hilltop home is also open to visitors and many exclaim that the view from there is one of the best on the island.   Discover Jamaica travel to Ocho Rios, she offers a huge craft market, shopping centres, like Island Village, and many restaurants, shops, nightclubs and bars.   And popular activities like swimming with dolphins, horseback riding in the sea, zip-wire canopy tours, river tubing and kayaking are just some of what’s on offer in and around this action-packed resort town.  

With so much on offer, it is no wonder that Jamaica also won the World Travel Awards 2010 Leading Caribbean Destination. And The Lonely Planet first travel awards also crowned Jamaica as the Best Cultural Experience in the World.  

Discover Jamaica Travel – Top Five Hot Spots in Jamaica –  You land in Jamaica and you find yourself surrounded by blue skies and azure blue seas. Warm, welcoming and beautiful it is easy to slip into the easy camaraderie and laid back ambience of this exotic island.  

However, don’t let go of the explorer in you because this island has much to offer in terms of its sights, attractions, adventure sports and cultural activities.   To help you plan your holiday, we have listed out the top five attractions and sights that you cannot miss at any cost.  

images0Kingston: The capital is also the commercial and cultural hub of Jamaica and has much to offer in terms of culture and entertainment. Visit the 120 year old site of Devon House Heritage that hosts local events even today.   Alternately delve into the past with a stroll through the coffee plantation along the south coast city of Mandeville that dates back to two centuries.  

images0 Negril Beach: Undoubtedly this 7-mile long sugary white sand beach is one of the finest beaches and hot spots of Jamaica. Beach bars and open-air restaurants dot the fringes of this beautiful expanse.   Discover Jamaica travel here at this amazing location, you can while away the hours soaking up the sun or enjoying a cool sundowner.  

images0 Dunn’s River Falls: This 600ft waterfall is an extremely popular and an eye-catching sight. Cold and clear white froth cascades and splashes over a series of stone steps and trickles down to join the Caribbean.   The best way to get the most out of this magnificent sight is to take a tour around the waterfall accompanied by an experienced guide.  

images0 Montego Bay: Besides Negril, Montego Bay is the next important resort in Jamaica.   It boasts a number of lovely beaches that are perfect to enjoy exciting water sports or simply soak up the gorgeous sun Doctor’s Cave Beach is a popular bathing spot for most visitors and it is believed the waters here possess curative powers.   Discover Jamaica travel diving enthusiasts can enjoy discovering the varied marine life at the Window maker’s Cave within Montego Bay Marine Park.  

images0 Ocho Rios: If you happen to be a Bob Marley or James Bond fan then a visit to this spellbinding resort is a must. Visit the Bob Marley Mausoleum and if you are lucky you may even cross paths with Marley’s family and friends near the city of St. Ann.   Also don’t miss out on the Chukka Cove’s Zion Bus tour that passes through gorgeous scenery and rural villages.

Fan of Ian Fleming’s popular James Bond series can visit Goldeneye, the estate on which Ian Fleming wrote his novels.   The two main resorts of Negril and Montego Bay are dotted with charming Jamaica villas that are ideal for enjoying a true Jamaican holiday.  

A perfect alternative to a hotel accommodation, the vacation villas in Jamaica provide you the comforts and services of a luxury resort with the privacy and space that only a home can provide at discover Jamaica travel.  

If you are looking for vacation rentals in Jamaica, you can check out the resort Silver Sands that has holiday homes and luxury apartments ranging from two bedroom and more to suit all tastes and budgets.  

Silver Sands is a unique community of private villas and cottages, clustered around our magnificent white sand beach that is perfect to unwind and forget the cares of the world.  

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