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Attractive reasons to visit Beautiful Jamaica Scenic Attractions! In the interest of our visitors, I am going to give you reasons to visit Jamaica, and a brief history of the island, where we are coming from to where we are now.

Jamaica’s written history began in May 1494 when Christopher Columbus landed on the North Coast. They ruled and reigned until 1655 when the English came and took over.

As a result, we were under British rule until 1962 when we gained a peaceful political independence.

I am giving you “reasons to visit Jamaica”, because there is no place on the face of the earth like Jamaica to provide the range of interest, attractions and the cultural diversity like we do. I want to give you a taste of what you can experience in this most precious jewel in the Caribbean call Jamaica.

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Jamaica is a very religious community, often referred to by many as a Christian country for a number of reasons. One, she has the most churches per square mile according to the Guinness book of world record.

Secondly, her National Anthem is a prayer to God. Christian prayers are said in every school to start the day. Prayer is also said before the start of Parliament, the seat of governance of the country.

Beautiful Jamaica Scenic Attractions

You will have no difficulty finding a church to worship anywhere in the island.  Every street almost there is a place of worship.

You will find that among the various religious grouping in operation, Christianity is the dominant religion comprising about sixty five percent percent (65%).  

The Christian religion in Jamaica is made up of Roman Catholics and Protestants. (About 2.4% Catholics, and 63.6% Protestants), The Protestants are broken up into splinter groups called denominations. The most active ones are (randomly listed ):

  1. New Testament Church of God
  2. Presbyterian,
  3. Pentecostal,
  4. Baptist Jamaica Baptist Union (JBU),
  5. Methodist,
  6. Moravians
    Beautiful Jamaica Scenic Attractions
  7. Anglican,
  8. Church of God in Jamaica,
  9. Seventh Day Adventist
  10. Seventh Day Baptist

The Baptist denomination (Jamaica Baptist Union), has a rich history in Jamaica, and continues to the present.

People are free to worship in Jamaica, and that is indeed a privilege and a blessing. So much so that some abuse that privilege by using religion under false pretense.

Pretending to be a true man/woman of God, and turned out to be counterfeit.

Fooling the people to get their money. The truth is, all false prophets will be revealed in a matter of time.

The Music: “Reasons to Visit Jamaica”

Hear the rhythm of the people from Ska to Rock-Steady to Reggae. That’s what makes Jamaicans unique: Listen to Millie Small with her international hit song: “My Boy Lollipop” in 1964

Any time of the year, the music can give you “reasons to visit Jamaica”, and enjoy the authentic music either through an annually staged concert like The Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival, The Rebel Salute, Reggae Sumfest.

As Jamaica celebrates her Dimond Jubilee in 2022, some of these shows will be bigger and better like the Reggae Sumfest in Montego Bay from July 20 to 23, 2022. Here are some other events that you can locate on calendar of events:


#1 Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival:

Jamaica Jazz And Blues Festival

Good “reasons to visit Jamaica”. The Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival is the premier event for the calendar year on the Jamaican landscape of music festivals.

Because of the Covid 19 pandemic, the Jazz and Blues Festival will be a virtual from February 3-5, 2022.

Subsequently, it is becoming one of the most outstanding festivals in Jamaica and across the whole of the Caribbean region.


#2 Blue Mountain Music Festival:

The Blue Mountain Music Festival will kick off on Friday March 18 and end Sunday March 20, 2022. This show boasts a hybrid of music, culture and outdoor adventure.

Naturally set against the panoramic landscape of the Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park, makes it good “reasons to visit Jamaica”.


#3 One World Ska and Rock-Steady Music Festival:

one world ska and rock steady show
Again, reasons to visit Jamaica

Staging The Annual One World Ska & Rocksteady Music Festival is an event to promote Kingston, the birthplace of Jamaica’s popular music industry.  Another purpose is to showcase Kingston as a cultural tourism destination.

Hence, this festival is targeting the vast fan base of Ska and Rocksteady music lovers around the world.

The festival will be held at the Ranny Williams Entertainment Centre on Hope Road, Kingston.

Worthy of note is – This event takes place in the latter part of November. Schedule of date and time is not yet posted for 2022.


#4 International Reggae Day:

world reggae day
Beautiful Jamaica Scenic Attractions

July 1 is observed as International Reggae Day which falls smack in Jamaica’s Dimond Jubilee Celebration this year 2022. This is a 24 hour celebration for reggae culture and its influence on Jamaican music. 

This event has a global media reach and is hosted in Kingston.

International Reggae Day is an annual event held in Kingston Jamaica.

Therefore, this event is dedicated to celebrating a style of music that entered into the world. Especially in a sleepy little country in the Caribbean and exploded to touch every corner of the world with it’s style.


#5 Fi Wi Sinting: “Reasons to Visit Jamaica”

Beautiful Jamaica Scenic Attractions

“Fi Wi Sinting” is an annual one day celebration of Jamaica’s African heritage and is a tribute to the ancestors.

It is held at Somerset Falls River Park, Hope Bay, Portland, north of Port Antonio, Jamaica. As a result, it has become the largest Black History Month event in Jamaica.

Note that this year 2022, I have not heard of event schedule. If and when it is available I will keep you posted.

Take note that festival activities center on preserving and presenting the links that currently exist between Jamaica and Africa, such as Jonkunoo, Kumina, Anancy story telling, all brought from Africa. Two special presentations are Mento and Nyabinghi chanting both of which originated in Jamaica. (Please note, I ‘m just stating the fact of our culture, I am not by any means promoting these events, because they are not in congruence with my Christian beliefs).


#6 Merritone Showcase Weekend

merritone music
Beautiful Jamaica Scenic Attractions

Merritone Music is the longest continuous running sound system, responsible for preserving and curating world music and music culture in Jamaica, West Indies.

Founded in 1950 by Val Blake, the sound system has traveled to well over 20 countries and have entertained millions of fans.

Is there any wonder why Merritone Music has participated in more than 100 music conference, seminars and events; one of which was presented by the University of the West Indies.

Finally, join the musical Blake clan and friends while they bring back memories of  yesterday and present great hope for music as a universal force for unity. This year their family reunion will be in Negril from October 28 to 31, 2022, and you can Register Here for that event.

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Art and Culture “Reasons to Visit Jamaica”:

Jamaica is not only world renowned for her music, she is also outstanding in the Arts and Dance and other colorful historical attractions


#7 Kingston On The Edge (KOTE) Urban Art Festival

Kingston On The Edge (KOTE)
reasons to visit Jamaica

Kingston on the Edge (KOTE) is the brainchild of five friends who wanted to showcase Jamaican artists in a creative and free manner.

The festival is a ten-day celebration of art and the artists who live and work in and/or are inspired by the city of Kingston.

So KOTE has quickly become a much anticipated fixture on the local art calendar in the month of June in Kingston.

#8 EXPO Jamaica: Beautiful Jamaica Scenic Attractions

expo Jamaica
Beautiful Jamaica Scenic Attractions

Showcasing Jamaica’s Best since 1971! Jamaican Excellence” “High Quality“ “Beautiful” and “A Major Success”.

Rightfully so, as they believe their event has become the standard bearer of excellence, innovation and the perfect platform to showcase the very best of Jamaican-made.

The productive industries in Jamaica all of which will be on display at Expo Jamaica are manufacturing, agriculture, tourism and services. The truth is, they are largely known for their food and beverage, the offering at Expo Jamaica is so much more.

Finally, you are invited to experience brand Jamaica at its best at Expo Jamaica, Kingston Jamaica, National Arena, (Might be affected by the Covid-19 pandemic)

#9 Jamaica Bridal Expo  

jamaica bridal expo
reasons to visit Jamaica

Jamaica Bridal Expo at the MoBay Convention Centre September 24, 2022: 

A recognized destination wedding event that brings the best Jamaican wedding professionals together all under one roof.

Join hundreds of businesses who will send their sales soaring by becoming a sponsor or an exhibitor at Jamaica Bridal Expo 2022.

Are you planning to get married? Good “reasons to visit Jamaica” Bridal Expo in 2022.

#10 Jamaica Product Exchange (JAPEX)

Reasons to visit Jamaica
Beautiful Jamaica Scenic Attractions

 Jamaica Hotel & Tourist Association’s premier trade event is the Jamaica Product Exchange (JAPEX).

It is the single most important business generator for Jamaica’s tourism industry.

In two days of pre-scheduled appointments, wholesalers, tour operators and travel agents meet face to face with close to 200 of Jamaica’s leading tourism suppliers to conduct business negotiations.

Most noteworthy, JAPEX 2021 was rescheduled to early 2022 because of the Covid pandemic at the  Convention Centre Montego Bay.

#11 Denbigh Agricultural Show

Reasons to visit Jamaica

In Jamaica we promote all what we eat.

The Denbigh Agricultural and Industrial Show is a hallmark event that has been embedded in the unique culture and the broad fabrics of the Jamaican people from as early as 1953 to present.

The Denbigh Agricultural, Industrial and Food Show will be back this year 2022 after a two-year break because of the COVID pandemic.

The show has been slated for the Emancipation Weekend (July 31 to August 1) at the Denbigh Show Ground in May Pen, Clarendon

At this show you will see the best in the Agro-Industry, and the champions in the various disciplines.

Denbigh is always a spectacular show piece for the whole family. 

#12 St. Elizabeth Homecoming Week

St. Elizabeth Homecoming Week is a major cultural, educational and social event which takes place on the South Coast between the month of November and December each year.

St Best Homecoming is a week of exciting activities that galvanize St Elizabethites from home and abroad to celebrate.

As you can see from the snapshot here, it is usually a whole lot of fun, food and friendship.

#13 Misty Bliss Cultural Festival Held at Holywell

Misty Bliss
Beautiful Jamaica Scenic Attractions

(This photo of Holywell Park is courtesy of TripAdvisor)

Talking about the main recreation area within the Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park, to celebrate the designation of Jamaica’s first National Park in February, 1993.

In particular, as the tagline “Celebrating Mountain Pleasures and Treasures” suggests, Misty Bliss celebrates the rich cultural and natural heritage of the Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park (BJCMNP).

#14 The Little Theatre Movement

The Little Theatre Movement
Beautiful Jamaica Scenic Attractions

Little Theatre Movement (LTM) has the distinction of being Jamaica’s longest surviving theatre company of contemporary times.

It was founded in 1941 by Henry Fowler and Greta Bourke (later Fowler) to raise funds for the building of a Little Theatre.

Also to help in the development of drama in Jamaica. From its inception, the LTM committed itself to a vigorous policy of serving the public. (more on the Little Theatre Movement)

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  Gastro-Tourism, Fashion Show and Literary Festival:

The richest Jamaican cultural history lesson is in their food and drinks. Jamaica is renowned for some of the finest cuisines in the world. Food Festivals are more 101 reasons to visit Beautiful Jamaica Scenic Attractions in 2022 Dimond Jubilee Celebrations.


#15 Milk River Seafood

Reasons to visit Jamaica

Pay attention to the second annual Milk River Seafood and Jerk Festival is in the month of July 2022 at Farqhar’s Beach in Milk River.

The South Coast community festival welcomes visitors to the area with the succulent fare, delicious dishes and mouth-watering treats.


#16 Montego Bay’s Jerk Festival

Montego Bay Jerk Festival
Beautiful Jamaica Scenic Attractions

The mouth-watering and salivating Montego Bay’s Jerk Festival is an outdoor family oriented day and night event. Good “reasons to visit Jamaica” for Montego Bay’s Jerk Festival as always, promises to be lots of Fun, Food and Frolic, is set for Monday – August 1, 2022 in the city of Montego Bay Jamaica.  

Come join in the event which includes a presentation of jerk meats and treats, activities for the entire family, celebrity cook-off which culminates with a stage show and grand gospel concert on Monday August 1, 2022, with both international and local gospel artistes. 

Put this event on your calendar to enjoy some good times which includes a presentation of jerk meats and treats, activities for the entire family. Plus celebrity cook off which culminates with a stage show.

Worthy of note is the highlights of authentic Jamaica culinary delights celebrating Jamaica’s 60th Anniversary.

#17 Rainforest Seafood Festival

Rainforest Seafood Festival
Reasons to visit Jamaica

Rainforest Seafood Festival for Catherine Hall Montego Bay on 2022. I have not yet ascertain the date for this event

This annual seafood and music festival celebrates the best of Jamaica’s seafood, music and community while raising funds for….

“We Care For Cornwall Regional Hospital”

#18 Portland Jerk Festival

Beautiful Jamaica Scenic Attractions

After a two-year absence due to COVID-19, the Boston Jerk Celebrations — formerly Boston Jerk Festival — is scheduled for the jerk centre at Boston Beach in Portland from July 9-10, 2022.  

The event is filled with the aroma of sizzling jerk pork fills the air as both visitors and locals sample lobster, fish, chicken and pork cooked in the traditional way.

Special feature at the festival is the reggae entertainment package along with events for children.


# 19  Little Ochie Seafood Festival

Reasons to visit Jamaica

Founded in 1989 by Evrol ‘Blackie’ Christian. Little Ochie has blossomed into one of Jamaica’s favourite eating haunts.

What was formerly a one-man operation now employees well over 30 people from the local community.

As a result, this annual event which happens on July 10, 2022 this year, features a vast array of local seafood dishes alongside a day of fun. With a powerful ending in a carnival style party and concert on the beach, reasons to visit Jamaica on the South Coast.


#20 Kingston Kitchen

Beautiful Jamaica Scenic Attractions

Kingston Kitchen (KK) is an artisan open-air food court and market series highlighting local culinary talents for an affordable, local way to eat out and eat fresh.

This year Kingston Kitchen will be on Sunday July 10, 4pm – 11pm at Hope Gardens on West and East Palm Drive

Join the “EAT GOOD” movement! Kingston Kitchen that showcase some of the most creative culinary talent in Jamaica, and this year 2022 promises to be bigger and better! International flavours, sweet treats, fresh seafood, food trucks, jerk stations, vegetarian and vegan delights, and more.


#21 Jamaica Observer Food Awards:

Beautiful Jamaica Scenic Attractions

Jamaica Observer Food Awards providing awards and recognition for some of the nation’s top restaurants and chefs.

Held at Devon House in the month of September.

Their statement is, that there is a world of creativity and excellence in food.

Before, there was one important element missing – there was no vehicle to applaud the efforts of the hundreds of thousands of people who work in the food industry.

That belief has fueled the drive to amplify the Food Awards experience each year.


#22 All Jamaica Grill Off

Reasons to visit Jamaica

 All Jamaica Grill Off pioneer Craig Powell thought, “everyone should have a moment just like this!”

Craig immediately began to put together an event that would give everyone the opportunity to indulge in mouth-watering barbecue.

Plus all the amenities of a ‘backyard lyme’ with family and friends.


#23 Restaurant Week in Kingston.

Beautiful Jamaica Scenic Attractions

Over 75 of Jamaica’s best restaurants offer specially selected three-course, fixed price dinner, lunch and brunch menus.

In response to the growing appetite of the public for local and international dishes – Restaurant Week in 2017, added a new category ‘Caterers’.

From now on wards, not only will foodies be lured to enjoy the dining spaces of the 21 newly listed restaurants, but they will have the opportunity to feast within the comfort of their own space. Thanks the nine caterers now on board .    “Eat In , Dine Out !  “Take note that the 2022 date to be announced.


#24 Sugar Cane Ball 

Reasons to visit Jamaica

Celebrating their annual Hanover Charities on February 19, 2022 @ 11:00 PM.
Round Hill Sugar Cane Ball is the annual fundraising event for Hanover Charities and is the most extravagant gala event of the year at Round Hill.

The event sees over 340 participants including socialites, ambassadors, celebrities, and business leaders from the United States, Europe and Jamaica and raises an average of nearly US$200,000 for the Hanover Charities annually.

Through their generosity, Hanover Charities is the largest charitable organization in western Jamaica.   


#25 Two Seasons Talking Trees Literary Fiesta

Beautiful Jamaica Scenic Attractions

Christine Marrett announced the Two Seasons Talking Trees Literary Fiesta, on Treasure Beach, “the home of community tourism” in St. Elizabeth, Jamaica.

Held on the expansive grounds of Two Seasons Guest House, the Fiesta offers a formidable line-up of established and emerging writers, which will be interspersed with musical offerings.

Lovers of literature will enjoy a relaxing day of listening to a variety of established and emerging poets and writers of books, blogs and a play at Two Seasons Talking Trees Literary Fiesta.

Reflecting the voices of “those who came” to enrich the cultural fabric of Jamaica.

Additionally, patrons will also be engaged in a farmers market and a second-hand book sale.


#26 Style Week Jamaica – Fashion Block

Reasons to visit Jamaica
Beautiful Jamaica Scenic Attractions

SAINT International’s Style Week Jamaica in New Kingston with Fashion Block. Style Week Jamaica is one of the biggest fashion events held in the Caribbean and visited by people all over the world.

This annual event is a perfect combination of local and overseas designers, edgy fashion, successful black supermodels and excellent decor.

Style Week Jamaica is the premier fashion platform in Jamaica. The event is the key in showcasing Jamaica’s new and established designers.

Style Week makes Jamaican fashion credible by showing off the quality of the models and designers we have here.

Eventually, Style Week gets the international media interested in local offerings. Hence, “Beautiful Jamaica Scenic Attractions” to show off!


#27 Calabash Literary Festival

Reasons to visit Jamaica

This is the only annual international literary festival in the English speaking Caribbean. No event of Calabash will happen this year 2022.

Calabash literary festival features readings and music with other forms of storytelling.

Be careful to remember that the mission of the Calabash International Literary Festival Trust is to transform the literary arts in the Caribbean.

This will be accomplished by being the region’s best-managed producer of workshops, seminars and performances.


#28 JAM Avant-Grade Fashion Face Weekend

Reason to visit Jamaica
Beautiful Jamaica Scenic Attractions

JAM Avant-Grade Fashion Face Weekend in Kingston. Saint International, the Caribbean leading model agency, searches for fashion’s next big star.

In fashion terms, avant-garde spanned generations of notable designers who reshaped the way people perceive and wear clothes. .

This year, the agency promises a glamour-infused two-day event instead of the usual roster of a one-night only finale.

I have not yet received a 2022 schedule date. If and when it is released you will be updated.


#29 Pulse’s Jamaica Caribbean Fashion Week

Reasons to visit Jamaica
Reasons to visit Jamaica

Caribbean Fashion Week. The region’s best designers give you “reasons to visit Jamaica” when they put on one of fashion’s top show.

Pulse has brought many stars of music, film, fashion and beauty to Jamaica, including Keisha Cole, Kelly Rowland, Eve, Vanessa L Williams, Nia Long, Roshumba, Tyra Banks, Gail O’Neil, Mounia, Tyson Beckford, Erin Cosby, Ade Wale, and Miss Universe winners Michelle McLean, Chelsi Smith, Wendy Fitz-William and Mpule Kwelagobe.

Pulse started life as an idea – that Caribbean talent could compete effectively with the best in the world. 

With $2,000.00 in capital, Pulse commenced operations in Cooper’s tiny law office and grew to become a public company and a Caribbean fashion and entertainment industry icon. Read The Pulse Story


#30 Mello-Go-Roun – The Family Event

Beautiful Jamaica Scenic Attractions

For many years Mello-Go-Roun has remained one of the most sought after events on the calendar of activities of the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission (JCDC).

Mello-Go-Roun will take place this year on August 5, 2022

Reason it owes its longevity and success in part is, good organization, and most importantly, exposing the diversity that exists within our culture.

Because performances include traditional folk forms, dance, music, speech and drama.


#30 World Tourism Day

World Tourism Day

World Tourism Day is celebrated on 27 September each year. Promoting Universal Accessibility.

This is significant, because it represents the fact that there are many persons who have varying abilities but travelling is common to all, and should be accessible to all.

Therefore, many travellers have seen, and participated in many activities that have contributed to a lifetime of memories and experiences.


#31 Kingston Biennial Exhibition 2022

Plans are currently moving apace for the 2022 staging of the Kingston Biennial organised by The National Gallery of Jamaica (NGJ).

The event will be held from June 26 and run until December 31 under the theme ‘Pressure’.

David Scott lead curator: “What is instructive about the Jamaican experience and the idiom of pressure is that it has always had a generative and dissenting quality about it. Pressure is a source of critical and creative counter-powers and creative oppositional activity.

It is an inspiring human resource and, historically, it has been deeply fertile ground for some of the most brilliant works of Jamaican cultural achievement.”

Leading up to the opening of the Kingston Biennial: Pressure, there will be several interactive online seminars including The Cultural History of Art Institutions in Jamaica and the Sonic and Visual Lives of Pressure, among others.


#32 Independence Festival Village

The Dimond Jubilee Independence Festival Village, which showcases Jamaica’s rich culture and heritage, will be staged at the National Arena in Kingston from July 29 to August 7, 2022.

It opens daily to the public and will feature a number of free family-friendly activities during the day, including lunch-hour concerts, promotional booths and displays, exhibitions, a food court, a Kiddies Village with rides and other attractions..


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Sport and Adventure Tourism: 

“Reasons to visit Jamaica”. Sport tourism as a tremendous game changer in Jamaica is evident to all. Jamaica’s prowess in sports is bound to change the country’s tourism industry. Whether you  are up for playing on surf or turf, Jamaica has something for your sport loving nature.


#33 Port Antonio Marlin Tournament in October

Reasons to visit Jamaica
Reasons to visit Jamaica

The 59th Port Antonio International Marlin Tournament sailed off yesterday morning at the Ole Marina, Port Antonio in October 2022?

A week of fun with a competitive edge, angling tournament sport-fishing event in Port Antonio, Portland Jamaica.

Approximately 35-40 boats, inclusive of overseas boat entries, will all be participating in this tournament with some 300-400 active sport-fishing fans daily along with other guests.


#34 Jamaica Fat Tyre Festival

Beautiful Jamaica Scenic Attractions

Jamaica’s Fat Tyre Festival is  the longest running mountain bike event here.

Started in the mid-1990’s as a development activity of Rusty’s Excellent Adventures in Negril, the Single-track crew has been running things since 2007.  

Please note that the The 2022 Fat Tyre Festival dates will be February 16-22, and it is ALREADY SOLD OUT.

It was a similar early SOLD OUT in 2021.  Therefore, if you’d like to get on the mailing list for the 2023 event, Click here to complete the form.


#35 Royal Jamaica Yacht Club

Reasons to visit Jamaica
Reasons to visit Jamaica

The Jamaica Yacht Club was formed in 1884 by a group of enthusiastic sailors.

On the 29th of November 1889, the Club was granted a Royal Charter by Queen Victoria following a visit by Prince Edward, then the Prince of Wales, who later became Edward VII.

The Club is very active in sailing, with races on weekends in the protected waters of Kingston Harbour.

Two Regattas are held during the year, one at the end of January/early February and the other over the first weekend of August, when we celebrate our Independence. 

Royal Jamaica Yacht Club Spring Tournament is known to be one of the most exciting fishing invitational tournaments in the island’s capital – Kingston.


#36 Mo Bay Yacht Club Easter Regatta

Reasons to visit Jamaica

The Montego Bay Yacht Club maintains an active calendar of sailing, both racing and cruising, as well as sailing training programs for all.

Montego Bay Yacht Club Easter Regatta annual sailing event of several races staged along the North Coast over a 4-day period around Easter.


#37 Tennis Events in Montego Bay Jamaica

Beautiful Jamaica

International Tennis Federation hosts men and women competitors between 50 and 60 years of age in Montego Bay in the month of April.

All in the beautiful, warm and friendly city of Montego Bay, Jamaica.

Click here to get detailed information on Tennis Tournament in Montego Bay

#38 Treasure Beach Jake’s Off-Road Triathlon

Beautiful Jamaica Scenic Attractions

The world’s oldest off-road  triathlon, in addition to being the most charming off-road triathlon. And it happens next on Saturday, April 29, 2023! Athletes of all types are welcome

It features a 300 meter protected ocean swim, a 25K off–and-on road back-country mountain bike and a 7K trail run.

Interestingly, locally made awards are provided in overall, masters and team categories.

The heart of the quiet, beautiful and undiscovered South Coast of Jamaica.


#39 Montego Bay City Run

Beautiful Jamaica Scenic Attractions

Athletes for The MoBay City Run will consist of a 5K Walk, 5K Run and 10K Run.

Worthy of note is the route takes runners through a scenic tour of historic Montego Bay starting at the Old Hospital Park (OHP) on Goucester Avenue.

Then southwards past the old fort, City Centre and the St. James Library onto St. James Street.

Runners will continue reading


#40 RuJohn Foundation Celebrity Sports Camp

Reasons to visit Jamaica

The mission of the RuJohn Foundation is to provide the necessary educational tools for rural schools throughout Jamaica and select U.S. cities.>

In addition to the annual RuJohn Foundation sports camp, they continuously donate items and support various programs throughout Jamaica.

Other “reasons to visit Jamaica” for a good cause.


#41 Makka Pro Surf Contest

Beautiful Jamaica Scenic Attractions

The Jamaica Surfing Association Makes Makka Pro bigger this year

Amazingly, The Makka Pro Surf Contest is attracting over 20,000 patrons over the two day event.

This unusual Makka Pro surf contest has established and maintained its status as the largest in the Makka beach in Southhaven, Yallahs, St Thomas in the eastern end of Jamaica.


#42 Race For Hope 5K


Welcome to the 2022 Race for Hope – DC! Registration is now open – join us on May 1, 2022!

Race For Hope 5K is a fun and healthy way for Jamaicans to contribute to the refurbishment of the Hope Gardens & Zoo.

Competitors in The Race For Hope 5K is open to runners and walkers all abilities and experience levels.

Race proceeds support the Hope Gardens & Zoo.

As the first road race to be held in the Hope Gardens & Zoo, the Race For Hope 5K encourages healthy living, awareness of our environment and national pride — all while having fun with like-minded people.


#43 Kingston City Run


The 6th Annual Kingston City Run on Sunday, March 20, 2022, will again incorporate three race events: A ½ Marathon, 10K and 5K race/walk.

This is the perfect event to experience the vibe of Kingston, by running its major businesses district, attractions and entertainment sites.

A must-do to experience ALL that is Jamaica!

Kingston City Run is a weekend of activities including welcome party, health fair & expo. The event has seen runners coming from the Caribbean, Ireland, the UK, Denmark, Japan, Canada, China the USA and of course, Jamaica to name a few.. 2022 Registration


#44 Sagicor Sigma Corporate Run

Beautiful Jamaica Scenic Attractions

The Sagicor Sigma Virtual Run. Date: March 20, 2022 will happen on Sunday, starting @ 6:00 AM

This year’s Sigma Run will be held under the theme “20 years of a running for a purpose”. It is a unique road-running event designed to inspire fun, fitness, and camaraderie among Jamaica’s business community.

The morning kicks off at 7:30 a.m. more than 15,000 walkers, runners and wheelchair participants comprising of companies, groups and individuals will participate in what has become an annual tradition and undisputedly the Caribbean’s largest road race.

The highly anticipated athletic event includes walkers, joggers and competitive runners from over 200 companies.

They will participate in what have become an annual tradition and undisputedly, the Caribbean’s largest road race.

Therefore, this is certainly more Beautiful Jamaica Scenic Attractions.


#45 ISSA Boy’s and Girl’s Champs


The Inter-Secondary Schools Boys and Girls Championships (better known as the Champs) is an annual Jamaican multi-sport high school athletics meet.

This action-packed athletic event, organized by the Jamaica’s Inter-Secondary Schools Sports Association (ISSA).

Note that the four-day event, is held during the last week before Easter in Kingston.

Consequently been considered a proving ground for many successful Jamaican athletes.


#46 South Coast Hook and Line Canoe Tournament

Beautiful Jamaica Scenic Attractions

In the month of October 2022, the South Coast Hook & Line Canoe Tournament will be taking place at Treasure Beach, St. Elizabeth.

The South Coast Hook & Line Canoe Tournament is a 3-day competition where local fishermen compete for prizes by catching the largest fish using only traditional fishing methods of a simple hook and line.

No fancy yachts or first world equipment are to be seen at this grass roots event.

YES! you heard it right, no fancy yachts or first world equipment are to be seen at this grass roots event.


#47 Annie’s Revenge Golf Tournament

Reasons to visit Jamaica

The Annie’s Revenge Golf Tournament will hit off on Wednesday, November 16, 2022  to Sunday, November 20, 2022.

Annie’s Revenge Golf Tournament teams will compete over 54 holes.

They will be playing both the Cinnamon Hill and White Witch golf courses.  All this will be done as they vie for the Jamaica Pro-Am Championship trophy.

In addition to the competitive golf, the five-day event will include a welcome and awards gala, which include spectacular tee prizes and tee bag.


#48 JMMC All Stages Rally

JMMC All Stages Rally
Beautiful Jamaica Scenic Attractions

Race car drivers’ “reasons to visit Jamaica” for fun-filled motor racing competition

This event is sanctioned by the Jamaica Millennium Motoring Club (JMMC). It is held under the present Code and under the Present Motor Sports Rules and Regulations of the JMMC.

More on the JMMC 2022 Calendar of Events.

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